Day 11 – Homer to Seldovia Marine Wildlife Tour

Seldovia, Alaska is across the Kachemak Bay from Homer. There are several ways to get there, air taxi, water, taxi, fast or slow ferry boat or private charter. We decided on a private marine wildlife tour on Alaska Coastal Marine Tours. ($60 round trip, senior rate)

Our tour boat for the day.

The weather was incredibly warm and the Bay was exceptionally calm. It took about an hour and a half to get to Seldovia, but the Captain took his time to point out different wildlife along the way and made sure we had plenty of opportunities for photos. In comparison, the Seldovia Bay fast ferry (people only) only takes 45 minutes each way and does not stop. ($60 round trip)

The fast ferry boat passing us up on the way back to Homer.

The slow ferry will also carry vehicles and I did see some RVs driving around, but never saw an RV park.

I have never seen a humpback whale before. On our tour, our boat Captain had heard from another boat in the area that they had seen a whale. So, we patiently waited and were rewarded with an amazing opportunity to see the whale. All of the wildlife sight seeing was on the way over to Seldovia. The ride back was a slow ride back to Homer, a perfect time to snooze.

Initially we just saw the spurts of water in the distance.
Sometimes just a little of the dorsal fin.
And then he came up out of the water before diving.
And then down under.
This is what a humpback whale looks like. So we were lucky to see the fin and tail.
We saw several eagles.
These are Commodores.
A rock that looked like an elephant.
There are cabins for rent in the middle of the Bay.
The most astounding thing was looking at a raft of otters.
There are 6,000 otters in Kachemak Bay.
I have never seen so many otters.

The only challenge we had was when we got off the boat in Seldovia and tried to eat lunch in one of the restaurants. Everyone else on the boat had the same idea so we all descended on the restaurant/bar at the same time. While the food was good, the service was very slow and our orders weren’t exactly as requested. It took an hour and a half to eat. This left very little time to wander around town. We had wanted to walk the Otterbahn trail, but there was not enough time.

We did walk down to the old historic boardwalk in Seldovia.
There is a place to kayak in town.
We passed the Lands End Resort on our way back. I wish I had stayed here as it is a highly rated resort on the end of the Homer Spit. Maybe next time.
We did have dinner here the next night on the deck and it was fabulous.

We saw more wildlife on this tour than the one in Seward for less expense. Next time I’ll just take snacks, skip the restaurant and do the hike in Seldovia.

Remember, “not all who wander are lost”. J.R.R. Tolkien

The RV Lady